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Treatment for Scrofula

Scrofula is the tuberculous infection of skin of neck and it is generally caused by a bacteria called as mycobacteria in adults. Children also encounter this medical condition, but the bacteria affecting them are different which is named as mycobacterium avium or mycobacterium scrofulaceum. The person who inhales the air contaminated by these bacteria is likely to have scrofula. This bacterium tends to spread all over the body gradually and show its effects by causing rubbery enlargement of lymph nodes in neck and other parts of the body. If the condition is neglected, then the lymph nodes will become ulcerated later resulting in draining sores. This bacterium is very minute and cannot be seen by naked eyes and they gradually grow inside our body. They are aerobic bacteria, means need oxygen to survive and commonly live in human beings.

Causes of Scrofula
When a person inhales air contaminated by these bacteria, then the infection spread across their body and causes scrofula. This bacterium remains dormant for years without causing any infection in humans. So, patients initially do not get sick or notice any symptoms of the illness. However, some people may get sick and spread the diseases to other while exhaling.     

Symptoms of Scrofula
The symptoms of this medical condition vary from person to person. However, patients with scrofula may notice the symptoms of this medical condition easily. The symptoms of scrofula include:

  • Swelling of cervical lymph nodes without any pain
  • Ulceration, but it is rare today
  • Lymph nodes may get enlarged
  • Weight loss may occur in some patients
  • Sweats,
  • Chills
  • Fever

Homeopathic treatment for Scrofula
Homeopathic treatment plays a crucial role in treating the condition as it focuses on the root cause of the infection and eliminate it permanently. Our homeopathic remedies are known for its great effects on the diseases without offering any side effects. We prescribe our homeopathic remedies by considering several factors including modalities of complaints, severity, causes and sensation. We not only aim to treat the swelling cervical lymph nodes, but also prescribe remedies to treat the underlying causes and individual susceptibility, thus offering complete solution for your diseases to lead a healthy and better life ahead. With our holistic approach we aim to remove the sings and symptoms of the ailment to help patients to have a healthy life without any chance of recurrence.  

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